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  • VISI 132

    VISI 132


    In this issue we share highlights from Milan Design Week, tiles from Brazil and Faye Toogood’s Rude Arts Club range.… READ MORE

  • Visi 131

    Visi 131


    In this issue we explore Johan Wentzel and Grete van As’ Waterkloof Ridge house, and Bettina Woodward’s Stellenbosch design, which… READ MORE

  • VISI 130

    VISI 130


    We hope that you’re reading this bumper issue of VISI on holiday, or are at least planning one – because… READ MORE

  • VISI Outdoor Living 2023

    VISI Outdoor Living 2023


    We’re a nation with a deep-rooted love for alfresco living, and VISI Outdoor Living is here to inspire and equip… READ MORE